Friday, June 27, 2008

Breaking the Baby

Alright, I exaggerate a little. I'm not actually breaking the baby per say, just her soother habit. Jenie mentioned that she was considering taking away the soother before she left, but wanted to save me the heart burn of dealing with it after she left. Okay, so she didn't use the words "heart burn" exactly. But something along those lines.
She forgot to take into account that I am heartless and mean spirited and am impervious to small children's tears. Bring it on Baby L, I've got what it takes to snatch the soother right out of your mouth. *smiles*
Really, all we did today was have the kids bring me any soothers they found hanging around and hid them up in a cupboard. Unless Baby L was in her crib, no soother for her. Which surprised me when I showed her that she could have one at nap time and she still resisted. Indicating, at least to me - that she really doesn't need it.
I'll admit I miss the cuddles she gives when she's sucking on her soother all content and all ... but ... ahhhh ... it's for the best?
The kids played together really well again today. E had a couple melt downs because of the injustices of the world, H, E and O cried after bed time because they miss their mom (oh ... and I'm sure her dad too), B-Man has decided he loves Baby L and trails her everywhere, LG has adopted me and trails me everywhere telling me all sorts of details I never knew I didn't want to know about all sorts of things ... over all, a grand day.
Oh and my camera doesn't have batteries that work in it. We may have to stop into the Super Store or something tomorrow to grab some. We're having some hilarious moments I am annoyed I have missed out on capturing.

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mom said...

good for you, it only hurts them for awhile and not alot