Friday, June 13, 2008

Reduced Sugar

Jerry's mom has mad skills when it comes to making freezer jams, a talent I have longed to share. A few years ago I tried my hand at making some strawberry and raspberry freezer jam. I was slightly successful when it came to all but one of the batches. The one batch was frickin' fabulous. "Why?" You may ask (or even if you didn't, I'm going to tell you). I forgot to add sugar to one batch of raspberry jam. One may think that this would have horrifying, possibly even disastrous results. Au contraire mon ami. It was, as previously stated, fabulous. Since that fortuitous accident I have strove to find reduced sugar (since there are no sugarless brands available) jams. Most of the time I have had to settle with a brand that uses less sugar then substitutes Splenda for true sugar; which anyone that has had Splenda in products can tell you, leaves somewhat of a nasty after taste.
A few days ago I happened to be over by a bulk resale store called BIG LOTS. This company generally takes over stock, left over stock and nearing on expired stock from all sorts of grocery, furniture and gardening stores. You can always find something odd or unusual there at a discounted price. As we were meandering around the grocery isles I found the BEST
raspberry jam I have ever ate (besides my own). Streamline Reduced Sugar Raspberry Jam. I have literally ate 1/4 of the jar myself. Don't worry, I've ate it on toast - not by the spoonful as I've been tempted to do. I think I'll tuck an extra jar in my suitcase so I can share this delight with one and all in Canada. I am not exaggerating. Best jam I've ever had. Lots of fruit, a little bit sour and ALL good!

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