Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Six Flags Over Texas

Last Tuesday Colette Erickson, Lacey Arens and I went out to lunch (well, we were supposed to be with the R.S. but Colette and I both gagged over the place that was slotted ... so we picked another place). In the midsts of all the chatter Colette mentioned that she'd got season tickets to Six Flags and asked if Lacy and I would want to come along with them sometime this week. I was ALL ON BOARD, so was Lacey.
So yesterday Colette, her four girls (aged 8-14), Lacey (who's 25, home from BYU for the summer), my kids and I all headed over to Six Flags after B-Man was done school at 11:30. We had so much fun! It was the perfect combination of people, there was always someone willing to go on a ride with you and enough "older" people in the group that we could split off and meet back up with out worrying about anyone getting lost.
B-Man, as usual, was the little dare devil. He went on rides I refused to go on - and apparently laughed with glee the whole ride.
Ms. R was a little more cautious, but loved being around all the "big girls".
We decided to stay and watch Cirque Dreams Coobrila, which is the show currently being featured at our Six Flags. It was an interesting show full of human acrobatics, dancing and weird costumes. Colette had secured us really great seats about 10 rows back from the front of the stage and right beside one of the side running stages ... that is, they would have been great seats if the show hadn't been so intense and weird. B-Man completely freaked out. About 5 minutes into the 30 minute show I had to take him to the very back of the theater so he'd spot clawing at my neck and squeezing the life out of me as he tried to get away from the show.
It was a LONG (we were there for 10 hours!) Hot (it got up to and sustained the temperature of 100 degrees) expensive-ish ($100 for the day including lunch) day, my knees and feet ache today. But, man! Was it ever worth it!


mom said...

what a great day. Did ya properly secure you cell phone?hehe I love the one picture of Rhiannon

Dawn said...

SO much fun. Definitely something to put on the list for when I bring the big kids down next spring=)

Jenie said...

It's nice to have people to do something so fun with! Looks like a great time.