Thursday, June 26, 2008

Status Report ...

As most know, I have come to stay with Jenie and Michael's kids while they are off gallivanting in Ireland. I'm going to post little updates fairly regularly, so that when they get back Jenie can look back and see what did or didn't occur while she was gone. Because heaven knows I am going to forget what takes place in the next 10 days ...

Kids picked up from school on time? Check! Even though it took me all the trip to the school and 6 minutes while waiting for them to figure out how to turn on the DVD sound in the minivan. I didn't even get lost! For some reason the roads in Whitecourt kind of confuse me, which is unusual because I usually have a great sense of direction.
Kids fed all 20 million times? Check?
Cups tipped over? Two (thanks, B-Man) Help cleaning it up? Baby L! Thanks, baby.
Kids bathed? Two. Couldn't sponge down the baby and not B-Man...
Petty arguments I had to break up? None. So far, so good. And it was an "inside" day with all that cold rain falling down.
How long it took E, LG and Ms. R to clean up the entire basement before they could eat supper? One hour.
How many kids did I make cry because of this? One. But only because he thought I meant they couldn't have supper.
Number of kids who have come to me sobbing because they miss their parents already? Two. Mama's Boy and the one who can comprehend how long 10 days is. Oh well, I teased them out of the crying and made them laugh before they fell asleep. I consider that somewhat of a success.

More tomorrow!


TinaLaRae said...

You are a great Auntie! Sounds like things are going great so far.

Jenie said...

Definitely a success!