Monday, June 2, 2008

B-Man, anyone?

I realized as I scrolled through a few of my previous blogs that I haven't mentioned B-Man lately. Which, really ... we should all take as a good sign. Haha.
No seriously though, he's been doing well. He still has some aggression issues we're trying to work through. I am kind of edging towards wondering if it's a low blood sugar issue. It seems if I send him to "play care" at the gym after I've filled his tummy till he stops asking for food, there are no incidents of him hitting/kicking/pushing/pulling hair. However, if I just toss him an apple (or something else small) then send him off to play care, I am called back within 20-40 minutes. The mornings I've had a hard time getting him to consume more than a cup of juice, he goes to school and starts tossing kids around. We'll keep adding and subtracting variables to see what happens.
Usually though, he, like Ms. R ... just seems like an extension of myself. It takes an effort to pay attention, to see if an outside eye would think it was funny or strange or ridiculous.
Ms. R started swimming lessons today and it just about killed him that I wouldn't let him get in the water with her. I just don't think he'd follow directions from the life guards, he'd be in there all flapping around, doing his own thing, distracting the whole class. He doesn't want to go to go to class, he just wanted in the water. So even though I had a wailing B-Man practically throwing a hissy fit at my feet, it was a no go for the boy. Ms. R, by the way, is a swim star. She also thinks she wants to start playing tennis. Go figure.


Mandy said...

Don't you just love the wailing child at your feet in public thing. I once had a lady about the age of my mom say to me on such an occasion, "don't worry to much about it, we've all been there, and those that think differently have just forgotten what it's like." She then smiled at my screaming daughter and said something like "you are such a pretty little girl, I wonder what your smile looks like." It stopped the screaming dead in it's tracks.

mom said...

Couldn't ya let him in the water somewhere else. Its a BIG pool. Just a gramma thing, and ya know anything Rhiannon want to do she'll probably be very good at it. I wish all Moms would think of the food their kids are or are not eating, I think alot of behavior problems could be curbed with proper nutrition. A mom was in the store the other day her little girl said she was so hungry the mom made the comment oh I guess you should be we didn't have dinner, it was like 2:30 so she gave her a bag of chips to "tide her over till supper"

TinaLaRae said...

Isn't it wonderful when you find little things that help your child behave or be a better person!? Food is a big part of how my kids act, too.

Jenie said...

Food definitely plays a huge part into Hanna's moods as well.