Saturday, December 13, 2008


I know, I am a couple weeks late. But I figure if I post it late, I don't feel like I HAVE TO make a post about being thankful because it's Thanksgiving. I'm doing it because I REALLY AM thankful. Not that those who did it on Thanksgiving aren't ...
Oh never mind, I'll just go gnaw on the foot I have stuck in my mouth for a while.

I am thankful for ...

Two children I truly like. Whom I more often than not think of as my friends and feel a connection to them that makes me aware I knew them before we came here. I may not believe in destiny, but I do believe somethings are pre-destined.

The state I live in. I cannot stress enough how glad I am to live somewhere that it is only mildly cold 2-3 months of the year.

The school district Jerry and I stumbled upon when we bought this house. This house may be a lot of crappy things, but the school district we are in is exemplary.

My health. I am glad that in general, I'm rarely sick.

For a house to live in. I may gripe about it, but we may have been on the street a few times in the past years without it.

For a husband who works hard to try to provide the things we need (and maybe, someday - simply want).

For a mother I know I can tell anything to.

For a sister who will tell it to me straight and still love me when I disappoint and hurt her.

For a brother who has learned that the world is not infact black and white, but has vast patches of gray.

For in laws who accept, love and appreciate me.

For a dad who tries hard to see everyone's point of view, even when he has no idea what he's talking about.

For the Gospel and the steadying influence it's had in my life.

For the emotional strength to deal with all I do and not have a break down ... mostly.

For B-man's continual improvements.

For Ms. R's ever loving sweetness.

For my truck. I'd be miserable without transportation. Even if I do always dream of something newer, sleeker, better.

For my sense of humor. It saves me a lot of tears.

For the freedoms I enjoy because of what others have sacrificed.

For small comforts, like fuzzy socks.

For running, HOT water.

For a steady source of food.


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I'm thankful for you