Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Will Never Be

...a skinny girl. Or even a thin girl. Or even a girl that other girls look at and wonder, "what's she doing to look like that?"
I'm just not.
And here is one of the reasons why:
Candied Mixed Nuts

1-2 Cups of you favorite nut/s

ABOUT 1/4 c of butter (it was pointed out to me by Dawn that sticks of butter aren't sold in Canada, sorry my fellow citizens, let me correct that error)

1/2-3/4 cups- light brown sugar
1-2 Tbs.- Corn syrup (light/dark)
A tsp. each of your favorite spice- ei: cinnamon,nutmeg,clove,etc.

First Put the nuts in a good skillet pan and toast for about 5 min. over Med. heat. Once they've warmed up a bit add the brown sugar and the corn syrup. Bring up the temperature a little, allow the sugar to melt and coat the nuts. After a few minutes the syrup should start to bubble, at this point slowly incorporate the butter into the pan then reduce heat to low. As soon as you finish blending the butter add your spices, stirring constantly for even distribution. Finally transfer the mixture to a baking sheet lined with wax/parchment paper and allow to cool. Or don't, I eat them warm ...
B-man agrees, he thinks they're delicious!


Lump said...

oooh I completely agree too. those look DELISH!

The Bui's said...

Looks nice! To bad I hate nuts.

Dawn said...

Mmmmmmmight have to try those=)

Brea said...

That sounds wonderful! I'm going to try them as soon as I can get to the store and get the ingredients. Thanks for posting the recipe!


mom said...

Looks GREAT I'll have to try some of She made a cake in a cup today!!