Saturday, December 6, 2008

Notes from Texas Autism Conference

Keys to Successful Inclusion of Students with ASD:
Joint Attention - Used on younger children. Wants to share something with you in a purposeful manner - not use you as a vehicle to get something.
Struggling with Life - an ABC news special
Teach them how to articulate the need to have a beak without the drama.
ALWAYS have high expectations
Support lessons with visuals. Auditory goes in one ear and out the other.
They are concrete, literal thinkers.
To eliminate rearranging of picture schedules, take away pictures that are not options at that moment (or day).
Knowing how to read a schedule is not something kids automatically know how to do. It's something that must be taught, just as math, science, ect.
Horizontal Picture Schedule - This is a helpful way to teach kids the correct way to read, prepping them for true reading in the future.
Transition Markers - these are helpful in teaching a child how to transition. "Activities over, time to check schedule."
Can be simple as a Popsicle stick to small toys of child's favorite image(dinosaurs, cars, ect)
To help kids who do not deal with "surprises" to their schedule, include "surprises" in their schedule. First fun things, then things that are not so fun. Move around when the surprises happen to make it a change, but not too unexpected.
Make "communication tickets". Give them a # of tickets, allowing them to talk about the specific (their favorite) topic for a certain amount of times. They may talk about their topic all the would like during "free time", but not structured time.
Teach them idioms - but understand the will not get why it's not actually (ie) raining cats and dogs.
The use of hula hoops helps teach kids the distance appropriate for personal space. Not too close, not too far.
I was REALLY tired by the time the TAC gave it's update ... at 5:30 Thursday evening. My handwriting is generally not the tidiest - but not THIS bad. Now I'm trying to figure out what I was saying, "Residential ..." whatchamawhochas?Liane Holliday Willey:
Language first, THEN social skills.
Test for heavy metals
Water or Hippo therapies or both
Meta cognition - help them think about how they think
Get a "peer helper". Someone who can help your student understand what is socially acceptable.
Work with your teachers
Listen to your kids body
Try Tai Chi/Yoga - for the kids!
Navigating the Maze: Age Three and Kindy Transitions:
Persistence pays
Try to develop a Child Profile
Risk Management, Law Enforcement, Emergency Response and Autism
How do we build skills so they can become independent
Use simple and direct instructions
May need to repeat and rephrase questions
Resist impulse to act quickly
Calm Creates Calm
say things over and over quietly and calmly
911 dispatch telecommunicator training - Flag with key data about your household
My Child has Autism card
Drowning is the leading cause of death of people with Autism
Introduce your child to fire and police. Up close. So they are not freaked out if a real situation occurs and they need their help
Get your child a medical alert bracelet.
Teach Life Skills to Children with ASD - PLEASE!
Put them in a lot of situations, a lot of cross walks, a lot of stop signs, a lot of choices - so they do not delegate that specific place to that thing.
Persistence is key.
Figure out the rules the kids NEED.
Have kids start doing independent things EARLY
-Order own food
-Sort own laundry
There is no failure- only data.
Visual examples are great
Give your kids power, show them how to do things themselves
You MUST show them how to communicate in every day situations
Communication is POWER
Dogs are good Autistic children
Teach them their phone # and address
Exploit every opportunity
Give them chance to succeed
Teach kids to SHOP ON A BUDGET
Give them chores at grocery stores
-pick out ...
Chores build skills
Use Sports Illustrated for facial expressions
Give them an alternate to hitting "If you're angry, here's what you can do."
Do not force his to eat anything - id he doesn't like what's for supper - PB sandwiches
Time alone heals from the stress of life
Develop parameters for AUTISTIC tendencies - locate, do not destroy
-develop USEFUL stims
-teach a variety so they have a choice - acceptable ones
Life skills overcome barriers
Parents Panel:
get on Medicaid waiver program waiting list
H.I.P. Program
If claims are denied - call CUSTOMER SERVICE and ask for a supervisor.
Advocacy, Inc
Easter Seals
Parent Resource Center
Behavior Intervention Plan
Keep Your Head and Arms in the Ride at all Times:
Biomedical Conferences
Autism cruises ... or cruise lines that make allowance for such situations - CARNIVAL has special needs department
Respite for special needs kids
find dog park
miniature littlefield sheepdogs
natural parent


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