Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Almost the Same

Jenie makes the most delicious Butter Chicken with a sauce she buys at the Superstore in Whitecourt and I have been scouring markets high and low in my area trying to find something similar this is what I found the other day Not EXACTLY the same, but close. Now to find some decent Naan. The East Indian market down the way sells it, if you don't mind it frozen with freezer burn and ice crystals. Yuck. We ate it with Pita Pockets. As before, not exactly the same ... but we made do.


Roeckers said...

what is butter chicken and Naan??

Dawn said...

You know I have a great recipe for both the butter chicken AND the Naan could make it from;)You DO have garam marsala and other eaast indian spices just lying around ..right??? lol

Mandy said...

personally, I am amused by your excessive use of links now that you've figured out how to do it. Everything and everyone is linked to something. I could get lost reading your blog if I followed all of your links :)

Krista said...

So you're telling me when you're reading other people's blog and they mention a person, place, thing you aren't curious about who/where/what they are talking about? I'm just trying to make it easy on people to fully grasp what I'm talking about ... a community service if you will ;)
Butter Chicken and Naan are an East Indian dish and flat bread. My brother introduced them to us after he returned from his mission in Bangalore, India. It's a wee bit spicy, but allll good.
Dawn, you've heard how good I am at making bread/biscuits/buns, right? Dude, if I can make baking powder biscuits hard as rocks - I am sure I could mess up Naan.