Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Chaos

Oh my. Errr, where to start? When did I post last? Oh yes, about my sweet sweet Ryan (yes, he is MINE, I just share him with Scarlett. I'm cool like that.)
My mom and her husband Rod flew in on the 23rd at 12:42am.
They go their luggage all messed up, along with half of the rest of the passengers. So after a couple hours of mass confusion we left with low hopes of seeing their luggage later that day.
The 23rd and 24th seem to have passed with much shopping involved. Though they are all kind of jumbled together so I am not REALLY sure what ACTUALLY happened those two days.
"Santa" went last minute on the kids gift (after I spent DAYS driving around to different places looking for it and HOURS on the phone calling even MORE places) and found a Wii at 10:30pm on the 24th from a guy on Craigslist. I admit I was a wee bit apprehensive about "Santas" shenanigans and the manner in which he got the item (the exchange took place in the parking lot of a Walmart ... very shady in my books). But thus far it has provided several hours and many many many matches fun. So I guess it was all above board.
The kids had a fabulous time opening all thier gifts. I'll have to send a special thanks some how, some way to Jerry's sister in law Wenda for sending Ms. R a pallet of make up. Oh yes, Wenda, yours is coming to you. I promise you, this will not be forgotten.
Both the kids were spoiled delightfully and got pretty much everything they asked for, save a few things that I really didn't want them to have anyway ;)
My "big" gift this year is laser hair removal. I've only had one treatment of the 5 thus far. It hurts like a booger. But seriously, I WAX and that doesn't hurt very much less. And this is PERMANENT. Oh yeah, baby. Mama's going to town. (Does anyone know WHERE town is? How you get there? What the purpose of going to said town IS? I've often wondered these things in my spare "I have too much alone time" time.)
As my one good deed for the year I had the missionaries over for dinner. Though with Rod here, I'm not to sure it was such a good deed as torture treatments for the Elders. Haha. I kid, it was acutally a really nice meal with a lot of laughter, joking, story telling, fact swaping and food partaken.
The 26th found us ... oh yeah. Shopping. At the mall. Oh. Horrors. I don't think I actually bought anything I was so traumatized by the sheer size of the lines.
On the 27th I took the kids out to Quitman to spend some time with his two younger brothers, both of whom Ms. R adores. She's still not sure who she loves more, she leans towards Brian. But Michael C. is just so darn cuddly.
I took Jerry's mom and my mom to the Broadway production of Annie at Bass Hall (I have to include the fact that Dawn paid for half of my mom's ticket) on the 28th. It was sen-sa-tion-al. I swear to you, the songs sounded even sweeter, crisper and more harmonized than they are in the original movie. The lead girl Kelsey Lee Smith thrilled me to my toes. Her voice was sooo fabulous. I cannot say enough about how well put together the production was. I would so get season tickets to all the Bass Hall productions if I could find a "theatre buddy".
Yesterday ... we shopped again. Seriously, it's some sort of sick Canadian addiction. These punks can't enough when they come down to visit me! Even with the exchange crumby, they are still getting a good deal - so we're out there hitting it hard. Alright, THEY are hitting it hard, I'm just a handy chaufer.
Today we headed out to a few outlining communities for my mom and Rod to check out what the land, people, prices, blah blah blah were like. They are looking into being Texas snow birds for a couple/few months of the year. They (read:SHE) wants to be close enough to me to spend lots of time together, but far enough out they don't have to worry about big city traffic and what not. I think we found a few contenders. I guess we'll see what happens next winter when the snows hit Alberta where they are planted - here or there.

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Mostly with the shopping its fun to see the different things, although the prices are good too