Saturday, December 13, 2008


... isn't really punishment when a child takes it REALLY well and is so ... accepting of it, even diligent about it. Seriously, Ms. R is taking the no TV punishment better than Jerry is. He hates not having the TV in the main room on 24/7 (that, by no means, is an exaggeration). I on the other hand have found not having the TV on between after school and bedtime almost fun. And relaxing. And quiet.
It's provoked MANY discussions on things Ms. R generally doesn't talk much about till she's just about asleep then pops and and says, "Mom, you know what I was thinking ... "
and I have to reply, "No, I don't. But you'll have to wait to tell me tomorrow, because now it's time for sleep." Then it never comes up again.
We've played more games together in the last week than we have in months.
We've figured out how to play an impossible game on her DS2.
We've talked.
We've cleaned.
We've talked.
We've baked.
We've talked.
She's play rolled with her brother.
They've played more games of "catch me and tackle me" (GENTLY) then can be counted.
We've talked.
We've been gawkers of an accident that happened over our back fence and talked about how THAT is what happens when you don't pay attention.
If she comes into our bedroom (where his TV watching has been relegated to while the kids are out of bed) while Jerry is watching a program she studiously avoids looking at the screen; if she happens to catch a glimpse, she's apologetic. It's absurd how well she takes punishment.

Some days it overwhelms me by how blessed I have been with my children.
Yeah, she's stretching her "imagination" wings or what the crap ever and trying my patience with her "stories".
Yeah, he can be a pestie that works on my last nerve.
But I like 'em.
They're pretty great.


The Bui's said...

Well done ms.R can you come inspire my children

TinaLaRae said...

Isn't it just great not having the TV on so much! I addmit I watch it every night when it's "me" time but during the day I find if the girls aren't watching it they are generaly more fun and happy.

mom said...

Krista, you are amazing, you are the one who has taught your children to be the people they are, you are the one who has had the patience and understianding to help them to grow, accept, learn, you have been there for them so they will ask questions, so they will accpet and respect your discipline, you are the most fantastic mom.