Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'll think about it

I have no idea where the curiosity has come from or why it's coming now, but I've had several inquiries about the "dog incident" that occurred 6 years ago next month. I'll consider sharing it. It pulls up a lot of emotions and memories out that generally I like to keep buried deep in my subconscious. Rearing it's ugly head from time to time, only to be beaten ruthlessly back down.
I'll think about sharing it. We'll see.
In other news Jerry has been sick for the last week. Anyone else notice how men handle being sick WAY worse than kids do? Seriously, it's absurd.
We went out a couple weeks ago to The Dump and found the perfect couch/chair/ottoman combo for the TV room and what Jerry considered the perfect leather couch for his office. I'm still not sure why we didn't just buy it that day. It's not like The Dump is one of those places that you can order it in if you don't find it there. They either have it or it's gone. Well, Jerry went in the following weekend while I was out of town hoping to surprise me with them when I got home. Much to his dismay both the set and the single were GONE. We went back in today and found nothing we liked. The search resumes. (Half hearted on my part, I'll admit)


mom said...

theDUMP? Where exactly is this place and why are you looking for furniture there?

mom said...

oh ya, comment on the sick guy thing, the world has to stop when they're "under the weather" what happens when we're there NOTHING!! life goes on and we have to go on with it!!

Krista said...

The Dump is a furniture store that sells high end stuff. They buy out going out of business stock and sell it at a huge discount.