Friday, September 4, 2009

I Learned Something New

Yeah, it's such an unusual occurrence I have to blog about it.
Kidding. Mostly.
Alright, so only occasionally do I learn something new that actually interests me.
This little tidbit was something new.
One of my cousins showed me a feature on Facebook that allows you to see who of your friends looks at your page most often. Some people I was surprised by, some comforted by, others ... a little confused by.
Here are the top 14 ... don't be embarrassed if you're on the list. I love the love you show by swinging by often enough to make being a member worth while. Even if it is a free service.

1. My Mom. I think she is also my top blog lurker. Love you, mom!
2. Kari Jones Terwelp. I think we're starting to have a cousinly love affair with all correspondence. Warms my grumpy heart.
3. My Sister. Sorry I'm not more interesting don't have more stories to entertain you, dear.
4. Rebecca Craig. She's a Facebook stalker. haha. And a wife of a cousin. So she's totally legit.
5. Michelle Prinsen. Also a wife of a cousin. I think she just likes all the smack I talk.
6. Stacy Jones. Though we may be miles apart, I am learning to pick on you quite adequately, thanks to the internet.
7. Lacey Arens. This is funny to me, as I have actually only spent ... a hand full of hours in this persons presence. I must have made QUITE the impact.
8. Vivian George. She takes afer her mother, she likes to know what's going on with EVERYONE.
9. Kimberly Kime. Boo-Diddy's teacher for the last two years and still his IHT. Love her. She can stalk me all she wants.
10. Chrissy Ann Hovan. I think she takes comfort in the fact that we are only a few hours from each other ... reaches out for familiarity in this crazy crazy American world.
11. Troy Kamprath. GET BACK TO YOUR PUSH UPS, solider boy!
12. Heather Beste Ales. We were in each other's lives for some pretty intense times.
13. My Brother. I KNEW you were out there and just not saying anything - AS USUAL. At least on line. In person? Entirely different story.
14. Mandy Court. Why Mandy, I didn't know you cared so much ;)

After saying all that ... this application may be total junk. It may just randomly select some of your friends and suggest them as the people who MAY come to your page the most often.


Sally and Brian said...

Hey! I want to learn how to do that. Although I'd probably learn that no one goes on my page because I never update anything!

Roeckers said...

Ohh, I made the list!! Very flattered!

Troy said...

you know that it just picks ppl at random right ..... facebook said not last week that those apps dont really work