Friday, September 25, 2009

Just This Once

I'll tell a story about how HE was right.
Kind of like a beleted anniversary gift.
Happy Ninth Year!
Don't be looking for another "you were right" story for another nine.
At least.

Remember back before summer when I was complaining about how the man had teased me with the possibility of leasing my newest obsession? Then he decided to buy me a motor home instead.

I was completely miffed.

Not totally because I was being a spoiled little wench. More because he had suggested the idea then was like, "Yah, no." That got my fight up pretty fast.

But because it's easier to be passive aggressive in this relationship I didn't make too much of a fuss.

Because I knew, in the long or short run he was right.

Leasing a vehicle, though I




the idea of trading in my car every two years or so ... it's not entirely wise in our situation.

Companies fail, companies thrive.

Ebb and flow and all that jazz.

Being a business owner and dependent on a fairly loosey goosey structure of pay isn't the best situation to have too many debts that must be paid month to month.

Such as a leased vehicle.

We've always owned ours out right so we never have to worry about making payments.


Stress and worry over what is going to paid and what can slide till next month.

Turns out him not letting me have my way was a stroke of genius.
No, I will not repeat that.

Mid-August our "big money maker", you know the kind of money maker that pays all the bills essentially went belly up.

Jerry, our sole "bread winner" was without a job.

Still is.

It was shocking.

And a wee bit terror inducing.

We've kind of been okay financially, I won't be running out and buying the kids new undies or anything ... but okay.

However, if we'd have got that car...

Things would be decidedly

Not Good.

So "props" to Jerry for not letting me live my fantasy and keeping his feet on the ground.

Though I hope the situation changes soon ... I'd sure like to buy the kids some pants for fall.


Sally and Brian said...

Oh, Krista. That's horrible! I hope he finds a job soon.

mom said...

but maybe if you were a little more informed about your funancial status you wouldn't be thinking a new car was a possibility. You're a pretty grounded person yourself. I dont think you have alot of unrealistic demands