Thursday, August 27, 2009

That's Fair

B-man's Fortune Cookie: You have strong potential for financial success
My Fortune Cookie: A photo doesn't capture your charm

I'll keep my looks ... the boy can make the money and help his mama retire in luxury ;)

The other day as I was driving home I came upon a wreck. One of the two drivers involved was a young man about 17. As I observed the scene I saw a woman who was obviously his mother rushing across a field over to him. I wondered if it would be a stoic teenage boy, too cool for his mothers worries that I'd witness.
The scene that enfolded made a little sob catch in my throat.
As she approached I saw her call out to him, he turned saw his mother rushed the remaining distance between them, hunched over her, and clutching her to him as he pressed his fists to his eyes.
It was just so sweet to see some boys never out grow their mom's ... Or the need to grab on and hold when they are scared/shocked/hurting.

Then as I was driving home from my in laws the other night in my new Vue... My new never dented Vue... I was passing through a small town on the 80, going the speed limit - when out of no where a dog with an apparent suicide mission hurtled himself at my truck. Now keep in mind ... this dog was not a small dog. No peekapoo or spaniel. More like a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Mastiff. So when I heard a THAWP, THUD, CLUNCK, CRUNCH ... all I could do was shutter. Fortunately my kids are use to me pulling over at random times to do random things (alright! It's not so random! It's always to go to the bathroom! I have a bladder the size of a hamsters!) so they didn't question it when I pulled over and told them I'd be right back. I ran back the couple of feet to find a clearly-not-breathing dog with no tags. Doing my best to minimize the damage, I pulled the dog all the way off the road and then checked my truck for broken side panels. Confused to not find any damage where I heard the impact, I climbed back into the truck and continued home. Jerry took a look at the truck after I got home and found hair in my rim, with the front mud flap torn up. This didn't make any sense to me till he hypothesised that the dog actually hit that front area first, then got spit up by the tire and hit the side panels - which is the hit I heard. Ouch. Poor pup.


mom said...

oh, that is so sad, but I'm glad you and the kids weren't hurt.

mom said...

Michael called me one day when he was upset and wanted to go riding with me, ya its REALLY wonderful not to be outgrown.