Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Nights

I hate 'em.
I don't mean, "dislike" I really do mean hate.
I hate knowing I'm home alone with four options:
read/write blogs,
read a book,
watch tv or
clean the house.
My life is way more exciting than I ever anticipated it'd be at 30.
Way more.

The part I hate most, obviously, is the whole being alone. I hate it.
It's always the worst part about coming back to Texas after being in Canada for the summer too.
I go from people crowding in around the seams for time ... to ... crickets chirping.
No really.
I can hear crickets chirping right now.
It's THAT quiet.

I love having both the kids in school full time because it gives me an excuse to be at the school all day. With people.
People that talk to me.
I do wonder if from time to time the ladies in the office think I'm kinda pathetic because I have nothing better to do than hang out at the school offering help to one and all.
I'd rather be pathetic than sitting on my tush at home, glaring at the walls.
Or something else just as asinine.

1 comment:

mom said...

I wish I could offer some kind of good suggestions, but, you can't even find a club or something to join cuz theres no sitter. I feel for ya honey.