Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hidden Talent?

I have gone by the philosophy, "If they don't ask for it... I'll wait to approach it till they do" cause heaven knows kids get way too much crap these days.
Therefore, all previous birthdays the little man has had I've just grabbed a cake from the bakery, or "artfully" iced some cup cakes ... things along those pathetic "please don't make me put effort into it" lines.
This year however, he developed an opinion. On everything. What he wants to get, who he wants to come, what kind of cake he wants, where he wants to have the party ... The list is never ending!

The hardest task to accomplish? Making him the Lightning McQueen cake he asked for. When I told Jerry was I was going to attempt he gave me a funny look and asked if I wasn't sure some "professional" could make it for us.

Even after I'd bought the mold/icing dyes/tips/ect... he was all like, "You sure you want to do this? You want me to do it?"

His faith simply astounds, I know.

So I stubbornly sat down at the table the afternoon and went to work. Piping, smoothing, pulling, cringing ...


Jerry's comment after I was done?

"That looks better than some professional cakes I've seen ..."


Praise be.

The writing along the side ain't so hot, but hey ... The Boy will like it anyway.


Jenie said...

Looks great! Good job.

Dawn said...

I am impressed=) Good job!

mom said...

WOW it looks great!!! Are ya sure ya didn't get some 'professional' to make it LOL