Friday, September 11, 2009

Family Fun

While I was wasting time ... er ... being very productive today (as the kids were in school) I went to the library to pick up some materials I had requested and were waiting for me. I tooled around in the magazine area for a while cause I had time to burn and saw the coolest little magazine for crafty kid ideas and parental help tips. Family Fun (wonderful website!) I personally am not ambitious ... or have the material for most of the activities in the magazine, but I still thought they were REALLY fun.

Here are some of the cool ideas I read about:

One mom puts a straw in her kids meds to help him suck it back. After having to drink that crap before the colonoscopy, thrusting the straw to the very back of my mouth so I could barely taste it... I think this idea has great merit.

Another taped her daughters spelling words up on one side of a glass shower and gave her some of those "crayon soap". Her daughter thinks it's a really fun way to practice - and she's getting clean in the process!

Fun Book: "This informative guide is full of tips and tricks for remembering everything from math and spelling rules to tricky science, history, and geography facts...perfect learning companion to help any student who has ever struggled to remember his multiplication tables, the spelling of the word "Mississippi," or the names of the planets."

The next few posts are just a hint at the kind of ideas you can find on the website and in the magazine...


Sally and Brian said...

I LOVE Family Fun! I used it a lot when I worked at Early Head Start. You should see the amazing one they put out at Halloween!

Jenie said...

I had a subscription to family fun magazine last year. It has tons of greast ideas, although I didn't have much time to try some of the ones I wanted to.