Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's true.
It's going to happen.
To me.
The Thrill.

Honestly, I am not too worried about the actual procedure.

It's the results that have me jittery.

I drink the flush tomorrow.

Go in for the procedure Monday morning at 8:30.

Get the results ... ??


Sally and Brian said...

I'm not trying to make things worse but the flush is horrible. Just be prepared. Don't be alone with your kids. The procedure is extremely simple and easy. But the flush...I still cry and have nightmeres. Good luck! Wish I was there to help.

Dawn said...

On the bright side you'll probably loose a few pounds=) Thinking of you! good luck=)

Krista said...

Geesh, Sally ... thanks ;(

lol... you're right, Dawn - there is ONE upside!

mom said...

Oh I wish I were there to hold your hand or talk to you or whatever you needed. I'll be thinking of you love you