Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day 2

First of all, to update you on THAT campground - BAH! It seemed alright as we were going to bed. Sure, the events leading up to it weren't ideal - whatever, right? Fine.
However, THEN all stinking night long TRAINS came rambling through right beside the campground. You either have to be deaf or a really deep sleeper (like my kids). It was ridiculous. Both my mom and I were up by 7, ready to get the heck out of there.

I'm driving, we're truckin' along. We see a fun thing - in the middle of a field with no other visible signs of wind anywhere.So when I feel like my RV is punched with a gust of wind, I figure it's one of those anomalies and keep going, with my eye peeled for any other signs of mysterious wind. THEN it kind of feels like the road all of the sudden changes groves, when to my eye it doesn't look any different at all. Last straw. PUFFFFFF ... tires blow. I pull over as quickly and safely as I can.
Mom jumps out, assesses the situation, comes back in and we call AAA. Get told she doesn't have RV coverage and it will take 7-10 days to come into effect if we add it then. The AAA people in Moses Lake, WA give me the number to the Les Schwab place .I give them a call. The service guy has one call before us and will be there A.S.A.P Three hours and $450 later, we're on our way with two brand new tires and a new healthy fear of something else going wrong with the stinking RV.

We arrived at the Tacoma KOA around 7pm. Grabbed our swim suits and ditched the beast.
It's a great little place. NO TRAINS. Breakfast every morning, playground, beside the river and a bird sanctuary, free showers, camp store ...

We're off to explore Seattle today. Should be a zoo with all the stuff going on for the Fourth - Totally excited about that (sincerely)!

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Sally and Brian said...

So glad you guys are okay! How horrible! 3 hours... at least the RV campsite in the end was wonderful and a fun place to be!