Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Rest

From San Francisco on, the trip is pretty much a blur of nothingness.
I let the kids take turns pumping gas every stinking 250 miles.Kid labor is where it's at, I tell ya.
Then we stopped some where near the Petrified Forest and took these pictures of my kids. These pictures, more than anything else encapsulates what it's like to try to take pictures of my kids together. Ms. R can't be natural for the life of her and B-Man looks like he's about to bust a cornea. (She's leaning on a piece of petrified wood, by the way.)One of our last stops was at Bottomless Lake State Park. A GREAT place to go camping, if you don't mind A LOT of flies. And nightly lighting storms. No rain, no thunder. Just lighting and a lot of wind. Odd. Other than that, it's great. Nice lake with a lifeguard, paddle boats and float boards for rent, fish that nibble on your toes (freaked out the boy, enthralled the girl), a fun/shaded park, a bath house (with odd showers that you had to hold down the button in order for it to work) and a sandy beach. I'd definitely go back there.

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mom said...

water, sand, sun, playground, what else do ya need?