Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Survived. Barley.

As my friend Sally Sue (that's not REALLY her name, I just like saying it) mentioned - the "prep" part of the colonoscopy was THE WORST.
I have never tasted anything so vile, wretched, stomach turning, puke inducing in all my life. You're suppose to drink 2 LITERS (8 cups) of this putrid solution. All the while your body is shivering and quaking and sweating and trying to understand WHY WHY WHY you are doing this to it. I am proud I got 5 cups down before I started hurling. Violently.
After that, the "flush" part was easy schmeasy.
Even the actual "scope", which they gave me a "conscious sedation" so I was awake for, not so bad. Infact, not bad at all. Interesting to be honest. Have something going 6-8 feet up your backside, not feel a thing but see it all? Pretty cool.
I love the report they gave me after, with color pictures and all!
(excerpts from report)
"Procedure: The quality of the preparation was good" (woo hoo! So throwing up my guts time and time again wasn't a wasted exercise!)
"Findings: Medium Grade 2 internal hemorrhoids"
"Impression: milk proctitis"
"Recommendations: Suppositories, Follow up with Dr. within 4 weeks."

I have to give the nurse who administered the I.V. props - I ALWAYS bruise around the area an I.V. is placed. I've taken it as a fact of life. This time, however, no bruising, no residual soreness or ache. Well done, Nurse Lady, well done.

Yesterday afternoon I was racked with cramping from the air "introduced" into the colon for the procedure - but other than that - nothing. I feel good today. No sedation side effects. No remaining air to "dispense" of.

If I never have to drink that crap again though. It will be too soon.


Jenie said...

Well I am very glad to hear you survived and are doing well.

Mandy at MaKC Creations said...

We are also very glad to hear that you survived and are doing well.

Sally and Brian said...

Krista - I'm so glad you survived! That prep stuff is the worst stuff in the world. I only drank 1/2 of it and decided if I wasn't cleaned out enough, I would rather die from whatever might be in my colon. Then several years later I had to do a similar procedure where they said "it doesn't taste as bad." LIARS!! I'm so glad it's over for you and you are doing good!