Thursday, July 2, 2009

Trip Home Day 1

We (and by "we" I of course me "I") have the whole trip mapped out. Even things to do ALONG the path home. I am willing to vary on times and actual activities, but in the beginning you have to have at least a "sort of" plan on how things are going to go.
So before we left Canada I had made reservations at a camp site near Bonners Ferry, ID. It's only about 6 hours from Raymond, a nice days drive with time to stop and admire the sites if need be.
We did stop in Sparwood,B.C. to take the prerequisite "Biggest Truck in the World" picture, then again just after we entered the U.S.of A to start taking a series of pictures I've been planning on taking since I started driving the kids up to Canada and back. The camp spot we're at for the night TOTALLY fails as a "family" place. It's called Blue Lake RV resort and it's about 8 miles south of Bonner's Ferry, ID. There is a POND (that I am assuming they are considering a "lake") which you can swim in if you're brave. Like swim in Stafford Lake brave. It's clean enough, but has a lot of "pond elements" if you know what I mean. There are non-motorized water toys you can rent FOR HALF DAYS (but no shorter amounts of time). They asked us not to let B-man throw rocks into the pond, as they have to buy the gravel (really? That's absurd.) There is no play ground.
However, if I were coming here with a group of adults, it'd be awesome. Showers, gym, laundry, quiet, views, variety of sites, games to borrow, fire pits, picnic tables, docks ... but for families ... not so much.

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