Saturday, July 25, 2009


The wrap up.

Everything is right there for you.
The kids can keep sleeping while you start out early in the morning - or grab a nap during the day without having to sit up to do it.
When you get to a camp site in the evening, you don't have to worry about setting up a tent. You just attach the sewer/water/electric connections and you're set.
The RV sites are not much more than a tenting site.
You have a toilet RIGHT THERE!

The mileage was HORRIBLE. The best I could manage was 7.68 mpg. I was stopping every 250 miles to fill up. And the fill ups were NOT cheap.
Having an older RV, something or other always seemed to be breaking down - it really put me on edge.
After the tire blow out, every little sound made me weary.
Once you got to your destination ... you were stuck. There was no adventuring. It's not like you're going to take an RV into down town San Francisco.
After a couple weeks it REALLY doesn't seem big enough. Even with one adult and two small kids - it seemed like every time I turned around I was always bumping into them.
The AC didn't get any cooler than 80 degrees. That IS cooler than 107 ... but not THAT cool enough when you're driving through the desert.

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