Sunday, May 3, 2009

Thanks ... I Think

After being at her friends all night and most of all day yesterday, Ms. R and her friend still hadn't had enough of each other, so they asked if the friend could play at our house for a couple of hours.
I wanted to repay the friends parents at least a little bit, so I agreed immediately even though I was in the middle of a huge room move.
After playing for a little bit all the kids congregated into my room to watch my progress.
The friend watched quietly for a bit as I heaved the dresser from one corner to another, then commented, "Mrs. Crabb, that looks awful heavy and dangerous ... should you be doing that by yourself? Where's your husband?"
She was sincerely worried for me and my safety.
Trying not to make her feel like her question was ridiculous I answered, "Well Bree, if I waited for someone to help me - it may never get done. Ms. R's daddy is always either working or sleeping ... and he also hates it when I move around the furniture. So he wouldn't really be willing to help."
Her reply, "So you're sure you're not going to hurt yourself? That really does look dangerous for you."
Ms. R pipes up,
"My mom does
She's really strong!"
*sigh* Yeah, thanks for that Ms. R.
I think

I appreciate the sentiment.
Though darn it all
if it didn't make me feel a


mom said...

I know exactly how you feel. nuf said.

Jenie said...

She is getting a good example on how to be a strong, independent woman. Sure more help would be nice, but at least you don't let the lack stop you.