Thursday, May 21, 2009

I What?

No stinking kidding.
I honestly usually enter blog contests simply to up the number of people entering the contest and make it a little harder for the winners to win.
I never anticipate winning.

I entered a contest Pastor Ryan was having the other day for a "Ratio" cook book.

The question was about what our favorite childhood dish was, since I'm a berry hound I responded with my sisters blue berry custard pie.

I won.


Dawn is WAY more of a cook/baker than I am. She has WAY more mouths to feed and WAY more people interested in eating her food than I do.

So you know what?

I'm giving my spoils to her.

Happy Birthday, Dawn!


Dawn said...

Wow! A massage and a cook book.It's the BEST birthday EVER

The Bui's said...

Way fun! And By the way, you are an excellent cook. Don't diminish your abilities.

Now How do I get my sister to be as thoughtful as you?

Jenie said...

Very cool, I've never won anything.