Friday, May 8, 2009

Thank You, My Babies

Both my kids came home from school today with Mother's Day "stuff" ... Here's how Ms. R's read (word and letter exact):

Dear Mommy,
Happy Mother's Day! You are special to me because you are cool, nice and awesome. You are smart. I like you going to Canada with me. (Gee, I wonder what's been on our mind lately)
I wouldn't trade you for a hat or a king or another mother either.
Love, Ms. R

... she'd rather have me than a hat, woo hoo!

And a little "survey" B-man filled out:

My Mother likes to Draw

My Mother is 29 years old.

My Mother's favorite food is Fried Chicken Milk (..... what is THAT?)

My Mother's favorite sport is Blow Bubbles (hahhaha, oh, okay)

My Mother's favorite color is Gray (I have no idea where he got that)

My Mother's name is Krista

I love it when my Mother drives

My Mother is Mom (nicely put, son)

My Mother is good at Reading

My Mother and I like to drive

My Mother like it when I eat apple pie (he's clearly delusional)

My Mother is great because I'm Happy (can't argue with that logic)

My Mom and I play at home

My Mom and I play link and logs (Lincoln Logs)

My Mom and I eat donuts (he's so subtle)

My mom and I go to Sea World (ummm ... once, last year)

My mom and I read books

My mom and I watch moveys (movies)

My Mom and I like to
drive in the truck


Sally and Brian said...

I like you more than a hat too! Kids are so cute! So, when do you get to Utah? We must lunch it but I may not be able to drive by then??

mom said...

You are one lucky mom with very lucky kids and I love you all

Dawn said...

awwwwww, see that makes a years worth of messes and aggrivation worth it=)I got similar messages of devotion and a poem from Trevor with a bunch of seeds...then Rina accidently spilled the seeds and Allie figured out SHE didn't get to make a card because she was in the hospital and everyone was in tears...Happy mothers day.