Saturday, May 2, 2009

Date with The Boy

Yesterday after school Ms. R headed home with a school friend for a sleepover which meant B-man and I would be stuck at home staring at each other ... or I could take us out on a date.
I of course picked option "B" as I am not a stay at home type person.
At all.

I picked him up a few minutes early from school and we headed over to the Fort Worth Zoo. Forget the fact that they have shut down the entire Fort Worth Independent School District because of the Swine Flu scare, I'm no sissy. (Now watch one of us catch it ...)
I don't know if it was because there was only an hour and a half till closing when we got there, if people are staying away because of the Swine Flu, or if they were afraid of the impending rain ... or a combination of all three, but the whole time we were there, we saw maybe a dozen people. In all. Including zoo employees.
Never the less, it was really nice. B-man has started stopping and and actually taking the time to enjoy the animals, has me read the information plaques and asks questions. HUGE change from even 6 months ago when he acted like going through the zoo was a race.
Next we headed to downtown Fort Worth to enjoy Sundance Square.On Friday nights there are always tons of street musicians to entertain you as you wander around.
Nobody was phenomenal but it was still fun listening with B-man.
We stopped and watched the two Country radio stations broadcast.He was pretty entertained that the voices we hear on the radio belong to people.
Then we grabbed a quick bite at treated ourselves to some Schakolad Chocolate, hung out at and to top off the night we caught Wolverine (which he slept through). All in all, I'd say we both had a great time.
I'd go on a date with him again ;)


Jenie said...

Very fun!

mom said...

good times and good company can't ask for anything better.