Saturday, May 23, 2009


We allow our kids to choose what they want to do on their birthday every year.
Ms. R has choose every year until this year to do hers at Chuck E Cheese.
Bad food, good times.
This year she decided to have a swim party.
At the time I thought it was a spectacular idea.
It's ALWAYS hot here by the end of May.
Until this year.
This year we've had a very dismal spring.
Barley peaking into the 80's.
For us, that's cool.
When I sent out the invites two weeks ago I figured we still had time for the weather to catch up to the month, warm up the swimming pool water, ect.
Never happened.
She also invited 20 kids.
With this being Memorial day weekend I planned on 1/4th of those numbers, which is a fair amount.
8 RSVPed with "Yes, we'd LOVE to come!"
So I planned for 12 to come, just in case there were kids out there that had parents that couldn't figure out how to pick up a phone or turn on the internet.
TWO kids came.
Ms. R asked me, "Why would _________ and ____________ and ___________ say they could come and then not come?"
Me, utterly defeated and feeling maybe a little mean spirited, "I don't know honey, you should ask them that on Monday..."

The kids that came had a good time though.
Because it really is pretty chilly still the pool was all but deserted.
So they got to go on the slides all they wanted, jump off the diving board, play "shark" with no one to run into.
That's a definite plus.

When we got home I opened my email to find messages from three parents, sending their apologies with the explanation that their kid has come down with Strep.
Then I got a phone call from another asking what time the party started ... ahhh, three four hours ago?

So really ... not AS BAD as I thought.

Though it did make Ms. R sad to think that no body wanted to come to her birthday AGAIN (last year only two kids from her class showed up too).
What doesn't break you makes your stronger?

Oh well, we're having a family party for her up in Canada ON her birthday, I'm sure that will take away some of the sting from having a measly party here.

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Roeckers said...

Thats why I hate birthday parties! I have come away from them lately and the kids aren't any worse of for it!