Friday, May 29, 2009

Krista Rules

I really just want to go to someone who has my blog in their roll and see that title.

On to the true post.

"The Tale of Two Worlds Colliding ... Possibly NOT for the Best"

As I have been preparing to head off on our annual road trip to Canada I've been cleansing and purging the house as I pack.
I find I do it less and less as we live in the same stinking house longer and longer and loooonger.
Seriously, I think it may be detrimental to people's health to live in one house for this long.
If not their physical health, their mental health at the very least!

I've discovered no matter how much I cleanse and purge the kids and my stuff, my house will never be a house of order.

Case and point:

Here are examples of MY areas, areas that a certain other person in this household never messes with because well, they're in the kitchen...

Here are examples of a certain other person's space, which I am NEVER to touch, move, look at, or even consider messing with. I did a few times at the beginning of our marriage, I don't think I've recovered from the tongue lashing, WHOO WEE!This, sadly, is my front room. The "holding area" for things of as of yet ... unknown destinations
His office. No really.
the Garage.
Notice the car?
Sore topic.


Danielle said...

I cannot believe your kitchen! You look like you're getting ready to sell the place - wow. As for the other rooms... eh, as long as there isn't a person underneath all that, I think it's okay.

*My sister-in-law is making the potato salad from RH&B tonight - I'll let you know how it turns out.

Jenn said...

You're first few pictures gave me tingles. I LOVE the order and organization and cleanliness! I'm constantly on a purge around my house and my hubby just doesn't get it.
And then the rest of your pictures... oh... I feel your pain. I don't know how you live with it. Once again, you are a tougher girl than me!

The Bui's said...

My poor sweety. Unlike you I have allowed the dreadful mass of disorganization from my other half, to filter into my once prestine living space. I am just impressed that you have mangaged to maintain his areas to three. My house is better off swept up in a twister at this point.

momma street said...

Oh Krista! Your kitchen does look NICE, so very nice!! I hope you have doors you can shut on the other rooms to keep from having to look at the other stuff. Are you sure you can't just slowly, very slowly remove one thing at a time and toss it? Or move it to the garage?? and he won't notice?! Can't wait to hear about the RV - Canadian adventures!!