Monday, May 11, 2009

Girl Scouts

A few weeks ago Ms. R requested to be signed up for Girl Scouts. I was all for it because as a kid I had always wanted to be involved in it - but never was for whatever reason. I think maybe my mom had a bad experience with other mom's when Dawn was involved. In any case, I was pretty pumped when Ms. R suggested she get involved in something I was interested in as a kid.
We went to her first meeting last week. It didn't go over so well. She didn't know anyone and they weren't overly inviting (they weren't rude, just not really excited to see a new girl as I think Ms. R expected). She spent the first 20 or so minutes crying, I reassured her that if she really didn't like it, we weren't obligated to stay ... but I did think she should at least give it a try. Without tear involvement.We'll see if she wants to go again tomorrow.

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mom said...

I hope she likes it. She has such a tender little heart. why can't people jsut be kind!!