Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Forget the kids, I am glad the year is nearly over.
Only 5 days left tomorrow.
At least for my kids.
I'm pulling them the last two days.
Only half days of silliness.
We need to haul-butt to Utah to pick up our own personal

This year I have found myself draaaaging.
Not sleepy.
Just exhausted.
Even after having a nap
or three
a day.
I'd find myself STILL tired.
Chronically having the toilet bowl fill with blood when I pooped
didn't make me feel too excited either.
The almost constant stomach aches
zinging pains from lower abdominal
to chest area
and cramping in the kidney areas ...
When I no longer have periods because I am on Mirena
I see cramping as a BAD sign.
I'm a BIG baby about going to new doctors.
I am not a huge fan of the whole,
"Tell me your history and show me your stuff"
it's just ... invasive.
But I broke down and went.
First visit I was given a prescription for things to go in ...
both ends.
Man, do I
my body right now.
That didn't so much work
Cause this time the bleeding is
No waiting this time.
Into the doctor I went.
A "sample" taken indicated that I do
have blood in my
Like I needed them to take a
to tell me that?
That is what I have to say to you.
They also drew blood.
Usual crap.
You know.
Referred me to a
For a
Called me today to tell me
my glucose is high and iron is low.
Do I have relatives with diabetes?
Ahhh ... not the ones I know.
I think they just caught me on a bad day for that one.
I'm pooping blood dude, I can see why I may be low on iron.
But I apparently am taking those results to a
Because of a health insurance switch we are in the middle of,
I am waiting to see the g-word guy (I spelt it once, that's all you get!)
till I'm up in Canada.
There is one in Great Falls, MT that is in our network.
Hopefully he'll have openings
(hahhahahaa, that was a dirty pun)
in June.
I can just skip across the line, do the
and go back up .

Let's cross our fingers and just hope Krista has hemorrhoids in some weird duct.


KidProofCanada said...
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mom said...

Has Gt Falls got back to you yet, do you have an apppointment?

Jenn said...

That sounds just miserable! And PS, how long did it take for you using the Mirena before your periods stopped? I'm considering... but it's expensive!

Dawn said...

I'll take you to the Doc in GF=) I love a trip to GF...and I will be suitably supportive and serious while you are at the doc...then we can shop ...right???

Krista said...

Mom - there is always the rigamoral associated with seeing a specialist. I had to get their info to my doc ... then they have to communicate. Then they will call me.
Jenn - it took about 2 years before my period stopped completely. When I took in the cost over all, what I was paying for birth control per month - it added up and paid for itself within a year. Totally worth it for something that lasts FIVE years.
Dawn - We'll have to figure out the kid angle. Do we take them with us? Do we leave them with ... someone up in Alberta? We'll work it out. I'm sure you can shop till you drop. You'll remember though, that US prices aren't a huge deal to me ;)

Jenie said...

Poor girl. Take low release iron it is the easiest on the system.

Becka. said...

LOVE MIRENA! Been on for 2 years....never cycle. HATE your medical crap...that's brutal! I can't imagine how exhausted you must be! Hang in there, babe!

momma street said...

Good luck and keep us posted on the 'medical mystery' called Krista!! Hope it is something easy to fix!!!!!