Tuesday, September 9, 2008

*The Twentieth Wife*

Introducing the next book on my quest to a broader mind ... I think it may be a good read. I'm interested to see how an East Indian woman (Indu Sundaresan) depicts things that happen in her home land. Not an American or English person hoping to capture a bit of what it may be like.

I loved this book. It's less of a romance novel, as I had anticipated and more of a "possible history" novel. I say "possible history" because it is based very loosely on events that actually happened, which makes this story all the more interesting to me. I believe the term they use for this type of novel is called historical fiction. These people actually existed, the events really happened, these places really existed or possibly still exist today. When I read books, I generally skim over various parts because I am uninterested in what ever the author may be trying to depict. Whether it be a building, a persons physical characteristics, the outdoor vistas ... I am generally not too interested. However, this author writes so well that everything she is describing you want to know about.

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