Friday, September 12, 2008

*The Guardian*

I am on a roll! This is what, the fourth or fifth book that I have read in a row (other than my dear romance novels) that I have really enjoyed? I'm a marvel to behold!
I am generally not a huge thriller fan, infact, I avoid them as throughly and studiously as I avoid horrors. I am a baby. A chicken. A wussy. I know. I embrace it, tickle it, love it, caress it. It's who I am. However, this book is wrote by the same man who wrote some of the tissue box worthy books I have ever read. "A Walk to Remember", "The Notebook", "Messege in a Bottle" to name a few. I like tear jerkers. I enjoy a good cry now and again. It's like cleaning out the duct works. I mean, it has to have at least a semblence of a happy-esque ending. But I'm okay with sobbing through a book. Not that I ever have. But I'm totally open to it.
Back to the book. This book is a thriller (which is why that entire last paragraph now makes sense). At least it's thriller-esque (can you tell I like "esque" today?) You can feel where the book is going, fortell what the characters are going to do ... but it's well written and has a good vibe to it. You pull for the good guys, want to poke the eyes out of the bad guys. My kind of book. And it has a happy ending. What could be better?

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