Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bella's Birthday

So last night, despite the threat of a tropical storm, a lady in my ward held a book club party for Stephanie Meyers Twilight series. It HAD to be held yesterday, as apparently that was when Bella Swan's birthday is. It was unbelievable how much work she put into it. First off, she hand made invitations to the party that say, 'Have you been bitten or Imprinted?" with all the party info inside. We played a Jeopardy type game with all the questions based on the four books, characters, food and quotes, had name tags placed on our back then had the other party attendance give us random hints and we had to guess who we were, ate more treats than anyone rightfully should and had a gift exchange at the end. We were given goodie bags with things like Twilight book marks, a CD with a compilation of the songs mentioned in the books as well as a few on Stephenie Meyers playlist and bottles of red fizzy juice (it was supposed to be blood ... of course.)
It was such a big deal we had people from out of state at the party. It was mind boggling.

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