Saturday, September 27, 2008


A while ago when we were at the gym, one of the activities they had set up for the kids in play care was tennis. Ms. R tried it out and came away swearing she was great at it, backed up by the confirmations of the care givers. I was impressed. "Tennis, eh?" I thought. And yes, the "eh" actually accompanied that thought. So when we were looking for after school activities for her I included tennis in the options. She of course jumped on that. Oddly, that and that alone.
After one lesson I had reason to doubt the honesty of the care givers at play care. After four weeks, we'll say that Rhiannon's tennis is much like like her singing. She's very dedicated and very ... enthusiastic. The instructor is tough, doesn't take crap, rarely gives any of the kids a break ... and Ms. R thinks he's wonderful.

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mom said...

I LOVE IT, who'd a thought the girly girl would like Tennis!!! Way to go Rhiannon