Thursday, May 22, 2008

May the Games Begin

...or Summer. Which ever you'd like to go with. Either way pools, swim suits, sun screen and HOT weather are on our horizon...
We went over to Hazel's today after I think I may have invited us over for a play date. Or at least suggested one and she asked us over to her house. Either way, we headed over to their new place. Her family use to live in our ward, then they moved to Ohio so her husband could get his masters ... ended up back in this area (not in my ward though) in a HUGE beautiful house with a fantastic back yard and fabulous pool and a herb garden (fresh basil and rosemary for me!). This afternoon we took advantage of the warm weather and available pool.
I have to post this next story because I know Hazel reads my blog from time to time. So, even if no one else laughs about it ... it can be a laugh that I can remember and we can both still laugh at.
The last time she and her girls came over for the afternoon/evening (we put a whole new spin on play date - they generally last about 5-7 hours) I was making chicken breast in the Nu-Wave to show off the cool little gadget and put some long grain rice into a pot to boil (measuring out every step). I noticed her eyes shifting to the pot time and time again as I was throwing the rice together until I don't think she could stand it anymore and she burst out, "You make rice like a white person!" I just about chocked I was laughing so hard. You have to understand, Hazel is Puerto Rican. Though she came to America with her family when she was 8, the sassy out spoken side of her that dies when she sees things like ... I don't know, me measuring out ingredients for rice and checking the pot as it cooks totally drive her to distraction.
Then again this afternoon, she'd thrown some long grain rice into the cooker for the "adult" portion of supper (the kids got hot dogs). She took the lid off when it was nearing time to eat, took at taste and blurted out, "I forgot the salt! You'd think a ..." Her eyes got hugely round and I just started laughing, finishing the sentence for her. "... white person made it!" then told her I'd take the blame for this "faulty" (I thought it taste good!) part of the meal. I just love that other "ethniticities" (is that a word?) also have prejudice. She was entirely apologetic, I however, couldn't have found the situation funnier.
She commented later, "I bet you never thought you'd have a Puerto Rican woman insulting your cooking..." I once again had to laugh and answered, "No, I just never thought I'd have the chance to be friends with a Puerto Rican ... you people don't have what it takes to cut it in the cold North."
When her mom showed up to watch the girls who didn't have swimming lessons this evening, I gathered up my kids and stuff and as a parting shot threw out, "Sorry about the rice (she was going to share in the meal we made) ... just remember a white chick made it!" Hazels eyes once again grew big, then she joined in the laughter. I heard her saying to her mom as I closed the door ... "ahhh ... I'll explain later."


mom said...

ok so how is it supposed to be made?

TinaLaRae said...

So it was just that you didn't add salt? Funny! I can't even think if I add salt when cooking it? I know I add it when it's cooked and on my plate. I know I add salt to oatmeal, sunnyboy and/or cream of wheat when I'm cooking them, I guess the same should be with rice.