Friday, May 30, 2008

An Interview with Ms. R

So now that Ms. R is all grown up and "graduated" from kindergarten I thought I'd get her thoughts on a few things so when she's graduated from, I don't know HIGH SCHOOL she can look back and smile about who she was right now ...

Mom: When's your birthday Ms. R?
R: June 5th ... um um um ahhh After May is June okay?
M: Yeah, that's right.

M: What city do we live in?
R: Texas and we also live in Fort Worth. Is that wrong or right?
M: Well ... we live in Hurst. Fort Worth is close to us. Texas is the state. So you were kind of right.

M: What's your favorite color?
R: Ummm blue and pink. Mostly pink because that's your favorite color too.

M: What's your favorite food?
R: Bacon and salad and ... remember those things that we ate last time? You know those things that we eat with pork chops?
*thinking ... last time? when was last time?*
M: Chinese food?
R: Yeah! That's so good. And Bacon.

M: What's your favorite game?
R: Remember that game we play at gramma Crabb's house?
M: Chicken Foot?
R: Yeah! That's a good one. Is it your favorite game too?
M: One of them, yep.

M:What's your favorite thing about Canada?
R: Remember those things we did and went down like *acts out sliding around, splashing*
M: The water slides up at Auntie Jenie's?
R: Yeah, those are great to play with H and O and E.

M: What's your favorite animal?
R: Horses? Or maybe tigers?
M: Why?
R: Cause they run very fast.

M: What's your favorite toy?
R: Pet Shop
M: Really? Oh.
R: Why? Don't you like Pet Shop?
M: Not really.
R: That's okay.

M: Who's your best friend?
R: Amy from the "splanish" class. But I don't get to play with her. Rileigh too, but she's just in speech. Kyle's good too.

M: What's your favorite thing to do when it's nice out?
R: Jump on jumpoline (trampoline)

M: What's your favorite song?
R: Stuff the Cheetah Girls sing.

Out of no where, "Mom ... I like to go to the Pond, but I don't like having to walk all the way around the pond. The ducklings there ... there were 6 of them. They were very cute."

Leans in, kisses my arm. "Thanks mom, I'm going to go now."

I guess we're done.


Jenie said...

Funny girl! I love hearing kids' views on things.

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