Saturday, May 17, 2008

Field Day

Everyone but Ms. R exited to run the 50 yard dash ... She didn't come in first, but not last either. She still wasn't thrilled about it. At all. Maybe that's why she likes dancing. At her age, there is no winners and losers. Just a bunch of little girls twirling around.
Fun was has by some. Ms. R was not one of the ones having fun. As you can tell in the picture above, she was a lot less than enthusiastic to be there. She is SO not into athletic pursuits. They allowed the kids to opt out of any event they wanted to ... she participated in three out of 8 events. (1) Three Legged race with me (2) 50 Yard Dash, which I had to convince her to run (3) The Pig Toss. *sigh* I will come to terms with the fact that my daughter prefers dolls, dancing and crafts to sports and being outdoors ... eventually.
The librarian also wrote a request to the city asking for "beautification" materials for the school flower beds. The city gave the school the grant and yesterday the kids (k-5) planted 100's of beds of perennials and spread two truck loads of mulch. The kids efforts really paid off, the school looked fabulous after they were all done.


TinaLaRae said...

Good job Rhiannon! She sounds so much like Pacey. This Tuesday is the endurance run for K-6. Pacey has to run around the football field 2 times this year. If you remember my post last year, of her run, she fell and skinned her leg and arm, because of her fall she was far behind but caught up and came in 5th out of 11 girls. I'm excited to see her long legs go this time around, even though she hates doing it.

Jenie said...

It's like we always tell our kids. Everybody likes different things.

mom said...

ya she really isn't the outdoor rough and tumble type but she is so dang cute in that hat she doesn't need to run