Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hard to Fathom

I started pricing out how much it would be for us to drive up to Canada this summer. My brain almost started bleeding while I was doing the calculations. Stop laughing Dawn, I'm not THAT bad at math ... I was using a calculator ;) It wasn't the multiplications and divisions that I was having a hard time with - it was the cost of GAS. After I added up the gas, accommodations, truck maintenance, things we were adding to the truck for the trip and food - it will cost us less to fly than it would to drive. Absolutely absurd.
So I called up my mom this morning, "Hey mom ... so ... what's the status of your vehicles?" She told me she drives their car, Rod drives their truck and the CRV just sits there. "Ohhh really?" I respond. Then I explained what I had discovered last night. So the new plan is for us to fly up to Great Falls, her come and get us, then I use her CRV for the remainder of the time I'm in Canada.
After further contemplation I am grateful on several levels that I thought of checking into this.
1) 5.5 hours in transit as compared to 30. Wow. That's a tough one.
2) Using a truck this summer with cruise control. Be still my beating heart.
3) MPG. Her CRV beats my Rodeo hands down.
4) Not having to worry about hotels.
5) I get to drive someone else's car for a while. I love doing that.

Thanks mom, you're a life saver.
Now I just have to readjust my whole way of thinking. I am so use to driving up to Canada I don't even take into account space or what will fit. With the new luggage restrictions the airlines are enforcing, the kids and I can only bring one suitcase up per person with a surcharge of $25 per additional piece and they can only be up to 50 lbs. I am going to have to call the airline and see if car seats count. Or maybe I'll just bring those on the plane with us ... Looks like I'll be "pre-packing" early (see, my obsessive planning pays off sometimes) to see if I need a new suitcase or two.


Mandy said...

When are you coming to Canada? I'll have to make sure that Daniel has some time off so that we can get together some time. You can see our cute new house!

Jenie said...

Flying up will definitely make the trip a little nicer for you! I can't wait until you get here.

mom said...

I'm so relieved that you're flying I know you're a good driver and all but there are CRAZIES out there. and its six more days that you can spend here instead of driving!!

Dawn said...

We're just glad you are coming, we don't care how you get here=) Good luck with that packing thing, lol.

Matt & Jessica said...

car seats dont count as luggage just thought I would let you know..

Sally and Brian said...

when are you going to Canada? Flying, it's so expensive but when you really compare, it's not at all. Enjoy your trip. We are headed there the first weekend of July.