Friday, April 11, 2008

My Gym

I've bragged about my gym from the time I joined 3 years ago. Trying to describe all that is there, what is available has been nearly impossible. However, recently Lifetime added a link that allows you to see several different areas available. Add to this tour: Tennis Courts, a Sand Volleyball Court and Racquetball and Squash Courts.

And, yes, my kids are just as happy as the kids in those pictures when I go to pick them up. Surprisingly, that is not an unusual situation.


mom said...

I know your gym is the BEST wish I were there

Dawn said...

I hate you

Jenie said...

I have this expectation of the facility that is opening soon here. I expect it to be fantastic because of seeing your gym and knowing that fantastic is possible. I hope I am not setting myself up for major disappointment.