Monday, April 7, 2008

August Rush

I know I am a wee bit behind on this movie - but that isn't a bit shock to anyone. I'm never "up" on my movie viewing. Actually, the only reason I have seen this movie is because while my mom was here we rented a Rogue (actually a very cute little cross over) which I found a Best Buy gift card in. Turns out there was $20 on it. So I purchased an iTunes card and then rented this movie along with a few others I don't really want to talk about :(
This movie was fantastic. It had me crying, it had me cheering, at one point I had goose bumps because the music was so beautiful. Yes, mom - it has a good ending. Not entirely satisfactory, but not sad at all.


mom said...

Is this movie about the kid who looks for his parents and they're all musical, if it is I loved the movie.

Gary said...

Rouge... Rogue... same thing, right? :)

Krista said...

I personally prefer Rouge ... but if you insist. Rogue.