Tuesday, April 8, 2008

*Cheating at Solitaire*

I have come to the conclusion that I love "chick lit". When I have tried to deviate away from my one true love, I have suffered for it. Miserably. Reading shouldn't be about forcing your way through the drudgery of a book, it just shouldn't - unless you are doing it for school. I am never going to school to become some kind of literary genius, so why do that to myself?
I absolutely loved this book. Written around a single women in her mid thirties who's a famous "self-help" guru advising women on how they don't need a man to be happy (a little bit Sex in the City, but not at all ...). Just when her third book is about to hit the stands her integrity is compromised by being seen with an actor, whose agent quickly takes advantage of the situation. An adventure on how she navigates her way around learning about letting go of who she thinks she needs to be and grasping onto who she really can be.


Jenie said...

See now that one sounds good.

mom said...

I still think a good Romantic Suspense is the best.