Tuesday, April 1, 2008

*Mad Girls in Love*

I am at odds over this book. On one hand, the author writes wonderfully. So much so that even though I am very divided on whether I really liked this book or not - I stayed up all night (I literally got an hour of sleep) reading it. She pulls you in, captures you with the story line and holds on to you even if you want to make it just stop.
About a family of women and their misadventures, left me wondering just how crazy all of them had to be. I really don't know if I would suggest anyone read this book. Even though it caught me in a death spiral of no sleep ... I cannot say I truly enjoyed this book.

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mom said...

ALL NIGHT on a book you don't know if you liked!!! That put you in the category of crazy!!SLEEP IS IMPORTANT TO SUSTAIN LIFE