Saturday, April 26, 2008

I can't stop

THINKING! It's 2:30 for pete sake! Things on my mind:

1. The "Team in Training" meeting I went to tonight.

2. Wondering how I am going to handle feeding 7 kids for 10 days.
3. If I should mow the lawn tomorrow morning and surprise an ungrateful Jerry or take my kids to Arbor Days.
4. Melatonin

5. Going to Mexico

To expand on said topics...

1. I have been training for various short races (ie: 5 and 10 k's). All the races entry fees go towards various charities; which makes me feel good. I get a nice work out, a free t-shirt and give money to a good cause. However, I have been thinking there has to be a way to
improve my racing technique, to lengthen the distance I can physically tolerate. I have never been a runner, I don't think I ever will be (I am not broken up by that at all) but I know I can be a better racer. My friend Pat was involved in a group who raised money for Leukemia and Lymphoma with their training group - that group happens to be Team in Training. Tonight was an information meeting. I found out more about the training groups, the trainers, the training sessions, the mentors, ect. I knew most of the information they gave me, but it also got me thinking about sponsorship. In order to join the team you have to pledge to raise money for the cause, the money raised goes towards your "running account". Each event has a certain amount of money you must earn to enter. An example is the Nike Women's Marathon and Half Marathon in San Francisco, held in October. In order to participate you must earn $3200 in pledges. That amount covers your travel, accommodation's, entry fee and meals (approximately 20% of what you raise covers those expenses, the rest goes to the foundation. I could go the easy way out and have Jerry write me out a tax deductible check from one of his businesses ... but I kind of want the challenge. Do I have what it takes to earn $3200? A friend of mine runs a not-for-profit organization, I told him once that if he gave away fresh cookies he'd land that million dollar account he was dying for. Maybe I should start baking now...

2. Seriously. I'm going to take care of Michael and Jenie's kids while they go to Ireland this summer for 10 days (yes, I am completely jealous of them), and what am I worried about?
How I will keep them all fed! Entertained? Whatever! They can entertain themselves with card board boxes, I'm not too concerned. Getting around with 7 kids? Eh, I'll tie them altogether with a rope (don't put it past me, I think I really would). But feeding them all three meals, two snacks and drinks a day for 10 days? It's about making my brain explode. I think I need to call Jenie tomorrow, start discussing what her kids do and do not like and make up a meal plan. I do it for my family ... and they have more kids than I do people ... I did it last summer for three weeks. I have no idea why I am so worked up about it this year. Maybe because I have time to consider it. And this year there won't be any other adults convenient enough to run out and get something for me if I need it.

3. Why do it if it's not going to be appreciated? So I can fester and think about how he should have thanked me for doing it instead of telling me he could have done it? Yeah ... I have no idea why I do that to myself. Arbor Day's it is!

4. I remembered that I'd taken melatonin herb before my flight over to Germany all those years ago and came off the flight fresh as a daisy with no jet leg whatsoever, so I told Jenie she should get some - or I could get her some id she couldn't get it up there. She said she knew she could get it up there because of friend of hers gives it to her son every night. That made me wonder, so I started reading up on this naturally occurring hormone and discovered that researches have found that children with Autism have lower than normal levels of melatonin - which may lead to such individuals sleeping less than the average person. I think I may be investing in some melatonin in my near future, if they have it in liquid or powder form.

5. Jerry asked me if I wanted to go to a NASCAR race with him this coming fall in Arizona, Florida or Kansas when he goes on business which of course got me to thinking of what I could see if we went to any of those locations... Arizona is the most enticing because I have never been to Mexico and it'd be easy enough to slip over the line for a day on our way back home. So then I had to research the cities that we could cross over to, what that would entail, what I could buy ...

All those thoughts eventually came crashing together and I had to write it out ... so maybe, almost an hour later ... I can go to sleep.


TinaLaRae said...

I can't believe you got on the computer this early in the morning?! Even if I can't sleep I just lie there until I do. That's a lot of stuff to think about hope you know you are capable of doing anything and everything you put your mind too. You are Awesome!

Jenie said...

That is a lot to be thinking about that early in the morning. Don't worry I will be more than willing to help you plan and have on hand everything you need to feed and care for my kids for 10 days. THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU.

mom said...

yes maletonin would maybe be good for Brogan BUT look in the mirror is may be helpful for a young mom to be able to get the sleep she needs too.

Becka. said...

You get a Tiffnay's necklace for running in that race. I will do it with you...but I think the entry deadline is past...I really do want to do it, though!

Lindsey Rae said...

So, if you take melatonin, is it going to make you sleep for longer periods of time?