Monday, April 7, 2008

*English as a Second Language*

I'm starting to think that the clearance area of my local Half Price Books is a place of beauty and unbridled knowledge. Haha, maybe I have been reading too much lately. One of the best things about getting books from this area of the store is that nothing is over $2 no matter what the initial MSRP was. Another fun idiosyncrasy I have found is that most people, like me, use their airlines stubs as book marks. Thus far I have 3 from other random people. For some reason I take get more enjoyment out of a book knowing it's been to France and back. I'm an odd duck, I know.
This book had me smiling, if not laughing through out the majority of it. The main character is a woman in her late 20's living in NY who's still not sure which direction she wants to take her life. In a dead end career and prodded by a loser ex-boyfriend she decides to go to graduate school in the UK. The author (who I think based the book on experiences she had herself ...) writes about how this woman comes to grips with who she is, how she deals with people, but never really deals with where she's going to go from there. There is way too much alcohol consumed and a few too many swear words (it is a book about adults in an adult environment...) but I really enjoyed this book.

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