Friday, April 18, 2008

Fort Worth Arts Festival

After a forewarning from a friend that the Fort Worth Arts fest was just a huge mesh of people and a waste of time ... I braved it and headed over there this afternoon with the kids.
I decided to take the TRE (train) down town to save on parking (which would have been $10 PLUS gas). The kids love it and I feel like a "cool mom" for giving them a change in routine... and I like saving the money.
The arts fest lasted at least 10 blocks, with art from all mediums. The kids actually really loved looking at the art as much as I did - and some of the artists actually encouraged them to touch their "master pieces".
There was a kids area that had crafts, face painting, a climbing wall (still not sure how "artsy" that is), music, "environmental awareness" area ... it was great.
We were there early enough in the afternoon that there wasn't a lot of people there yet. I'm glad I didn't listen to the friend who said it'd be a waste of time, we'd have missed out on a nice afternoon out.

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Jenie said...

Everyone has different ideas of what fun is, so I think it is always a good idea to find out for yourself.