Sunday, December 16, 2007

Notes from the Edge

At Enrichment we were given a sheet full of questions to help us make better, more informative journal entries. Since I use this for duel purposes: keeping up with family/keeping us with me, I am going to use this as a place to answer those questions. Well, at least the ones I found interesting.

Describe a sound from your childhood. What was it? When did you hear it? What does it bring to mind?
The first sound I think of when I consider childhood is my mom singing. She would sing us lullabies, even into our teenage years. Her voice was so soothing, so sweet, it brought comfort every time she'd sing to us. I cannot even say she just sang to me into our teenage years, as I remember living in "the white house" and listening to her sing to Michael across the hall. There was also the loud annoying singing she did first thing in the morning. That wasn't so great to hear. I about wanted to chuck something at her when I woke up to that. Really, who wakes up that happy? Crazy people, that's who.

What is the one invention you could not live without and why?
A/C. At least since moving here to Texas. Before, it was probably central heating.

What is the most important lesson, message or advice you've learned?
Don't judge before you know the entire story. Things are usually not as they seem on the surface.

What special things did you do with your father?
I'd go with him to watch him ref basketball, I thought it was pretty nice to have that one on one time with him as we'd drive to where ever he was reffing that night.

Tell about how, when and where you learned to drive. Any memorable experiences?
My mom took me out onto the country road the Boehme's live on (which means nothing to those that don't know who the Boehme's are). It's less busy, but mostly paved road between Coaldale and Lethbridge. I think the most memorable thing about it is that she didn't seem nervous about me getting behind the wheel. She was more confident about it than I was.

Tell about your marriage. When, where, by whom, parties given, reception, maid of honor, best man, colors, flowers, special music, ect.
September 21, 2000. Same date as my grandma and grandpa Jones got married - just 40 some odd years later.
Lake Oswego, OR (temple)

The patriarch of Jerry's parents stake
I was given a "Lingere Shower" in Coaldale so I had less to pack down to Texas. Friends and family came. Funniest thing I heard there: Grandma Bowlby, "Those little outfits are going to look pretty funny over her garments" hahahaha. She was completely serious. Kills me!
Reception was held in Jerry's "home ward" in Milwaukie, OR. The church is literally right behind their old house, very convenient.

Dawn came down from Alberta with the rest of my family. She was preggers, so she hates the pictures from the wedding. I think she looked great.
Klayton Anderson. Been Jerry's best friend since they were kids and Klay moved in down the street from him.
Navy and gold. It was a "Celestial" theme. I cared very little about the reception since no one I knew was coming ... so it was really cheesy and cheap. As in balloons cheap.
I had yellow roses. Was carrying on the tradition my mom started some 20 odd years earlier.
There was no music, that I remember. We didn't have a dance, since Jerry is not a dancer.
We "honeymooned" at a B & B up in Portland for a couple days, then came down and spent a few more days at a time share here in Texas, with our dog Cobol :)

Tell about family reunions.
On my dad's side, for a while when we were younger, we would have them every other year. Who ever was hosting it that year would have it where ever they lived at a camp ground. The most memorable ones, to my recollection were in Taber - that my parents hosted. That year we had a home made slip and slide. Much fun. The other I remember was in Vernon, hosted by my uncle Ken. It was at a marina/campground. Saw my first "nudists" swimming at the lake that year.
My moms side didn't really have reunions. That I know of. We got together a couple times for weddings and what not. But no reunions.

Would you choose differently if you could choose your occupation again? Why? How? Any advice?
I'm a stay at home mom currently ... I think if I had done it differently, I'd have mustered up my guts and gone to college and got my legal assistant degree like I planned. I kept putting it off because I was chicken. Afraid of failing, afraid of having to have a "grown up " job ... So I kept drifting along. My advice it just go for it, for heaven sake. You have nothing to lose but time!

Tell about a favorite vacation from your childhood.
My parents bought into a timeshare at Fairmont Hot Springs, BC. It was a fun place to go. With the recreation center, pools, hot springs, bike riding, kids our age to play with, adventures through the river to find golf balls ... I loved going there. Many good feelings surface when I think of those vacations.

Tell about the house(s) you lived in as a child.
Oy. We moved about every two years as I was growing up. Sometimes more frequently. To describe every house I remember would take too long.

Did you go camping? Tell about experiences doing it.
We camped infrequently when I was growing up, as my dad didn't like tenting. Or maybe it was my mom. Either way, not much camping. However, when I was a teenager I was in a car accident and was given a settlement. I spent the settlement on camping supplies (no comment, mom and dad!). The summer I was 18 my best friend Nancy and I went camping for weeks on end. Then I moved to Banff and kept up with the camping, until I married Jerry. He thinks staying in a fully decked out RV is "roughing it". So not so much camping since moving here.

.... That's all for tonight, way too many questions on this sheet!


Gary said...

That's a cool idea for journals.

I really feel for you on the A/C issue. We have A/C up here too... it's called open a window because it's minus Freakin Cold outside! The best part is that it's free :)

Anonymous said...

I,m on your side Krista you could not survive in Texas without a/c love mom

Lindsey Rae said...

I am laughing about you learning to drive on the road to Boehmes...I know where that is of course, since we lived right off that road. I was thinking about how my lovely little cousins used to wreak so much havoc around there...You know those boys were bad; all over the road; causing trouble; the neighbors always complained about them...probably made actually made it a dangerous place to drive with them around!You never knew when they would come out of nowhere and ride out in front of you.