Saturday, December 22, 2007


I realize this movie is now on DVD, but I was hesitant to take my kids to a full price movie when I wasn't sure how well behaved they would be there. So I took them to the dollar theater as a test of sorts. I got a medium sized popcorn and a pop and settled in, waiting to make a quick exit out of theater if B-Man got antsy.
However, I found if I kept his little cup full of popcorn and gave him a sip of pop from time to time he was glued to the screen. It was actually Ms. R who was the movie spoiler. At about the point where it was getting really good, she was like, "Mom, I'm bored ... can we go eat now?" Fortunately somewhere along the line she learned movie theater etiquette and whispered her question. I asked her where she was in such a rush to go to, she responded MacDonald's. End the mystery as to why she was in such a rush to go.

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Anonymous said...

I'm with Rhainnon I got a little bored about half way through. mom