Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hide and Go Seek

It's always so much fun to play Hide and Go Seek with Ms. R and B-Man. Mostly Ms. R. B-Man usually just runs around with who ever is hiding and shrieks with laughter, making it pretty darn easy to find who ever is hiding. This morning as we were playing he was unusually quiet, actually quite a hiding accomplice. We sucesfuly hid in the hall way closet together till Ms. R's "Mom! Where are you?!?!"
How we play, to make sure Ms. R knows I am looking for her is call out where ever I am, "Is Ms. R in the laundry room? ... No, not in here!" (usually as I hear her giggle, tipping off her location). She is pretty paranoid about not being found, so generally she let's herself be known in one one or another. This was her "hiding" in the kids bathroom ...

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